Nothing to Fear

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Blogger Tudoisso disse...

Could it be true?
Could i imagine asleep,the memory of you?

Can I dream?
Am I allowed to dream
awake,falling in love with you?

Is it that hard?
so hard to conceive
the way i feel...
the way i care about you?

Like two railroads,
two parallel lines,
why can't we,
side by side, intertwine?

Just break me, wound me, kill me...
let me bury me...
don't leave me off wondering,
And tell me

what goes in your heart...

(if there's anything at all)

deep inside...

8:15 da tarde  
Blogger Tudoisso disse...


2:12 da manhã  
Blogger Tsubasa Ozora disse...

este comment é pra commentar o primeiro comment. eheh

belas palavras! sao de um poema ou de uma letra de alguma musica?

7:19 da tarde  

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