Saber o nosso lugar

Look at this big eyed fish
swimmin’ in the sea
oh, how it dreams to be a bird
swoop and dive through the breeze
till one day
he caught a big oh wave
up onto the beach
now the fish is dead you see
oh, cause fish
should know stay down in the sea

story of this man who
decided not to breathe
he turned red then blue then purple
so colorful indeed
no matter how his friends
begged and pleaded
he would not concede
now the man is dead
you see, cause every man should
know you got to breathe

you see this monkey
sittin' up in his tree
until one day
decided to climb down
and run off to the city
but look at him now
tired and drunk
the monkey’s livin' in the street
as good as dead you see
cause every monkey should know
stay up in your fucking tree

but oh God
under the weight of life
things seem
brighter on the other side

but oh God
under the weight of life
things seem
much brighter on the other side...

Dave Matthews Band - Big Eyed Fish

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Anonymous Anónimo disse...

Tinha de ser DMB.... Gostei da letra !

4:34 da tarde  

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